Vintage Bedroom Nightstands

Oct 12th

Bedroom nightstands may be a vital thing in a bedroom. The nightstand is the table where the lamp is located. This thing is very useful, because it could be a multifunction vanity. You could store several things that you may use before or after you sleep, such as, magazine, tissue, hand phone, comic, or many other things. Vintage style is always lovely to be a bedroom theme. The classic and old school atmosphere always delivers the comfort before you sleep.

Things To Consider Before Buying Bedroom Nightstands

Before buying the nightstands you should consider many things. For vintage nightstand, you absolutely need an old styled nightstand. The vintage nightstand usually has long feet, and it contains carved craft that shows the classical atmosphere. Furthermore, you should consider about the color of the nightstand. White is the neutral color that is always nice to be painted in furniture, but if you want another color, you should consider about your room color. You should not damage the feng shui of your lovely bedroom just because of mismatched nightstand color.

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Nightstand Good Material

Strong and durable wood is absolutely the best material of a nightstand. Oak, mahogany, and teak are the best materials of the nightstands. Those woods are also easy to find in all over the world.