The Amazing Use of white Sofa Table

Oct 1st

White sofa table
could be just enough as the property for your classic or vintage living room. For displaying the room accessories or holding your antique table lamp, this sofa table could do the work more than the expected. The design of the sofa table would only be the problem left after all.

The impression of white sofa table
White works as the magnificent tone which capable of creating the clean and crisp look in every type of room. It might have gone better when you put the glossy finish on it as it would implies the retro style on it. When you leave it unfinished yet still with the white tone, you might able to get the colonial style.

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The design of the sofa table
As what have be mentioned above that the model and design still hold the essential role for this sofa table to be placed in any kind of living room. For the vintage or classic room, you might want it to be quite bulky with a lot of carving, just like the way of the antique furniture does. Meanwhile, for the retro one you might want it to be very simple and omit the fretwork role on it. Apply the similar idea with the bigger size for the colonial style.