Tables in Wonderland for Special Discount

Nov 5th

Tables in wonderland
Are also called Disney Dining Experience and it makes you get many discounts especially for dining program. By joining Tables in Wonderland, then you will get special prices so that you can save your money. Besides, you will get special discount up to 20% especially for beverages and food in hotel and lounges in Disney World.

How to Join tables in wonderland
If you are interested in joining as a member of Disney World, then you have to know about the rules. The rules are really simple because you must 21 years and you should pay the member card $125 per year. It means this member card is only suitable for adult and it is not suitable for kids. Maybe you can ask your friends and spouse to join with this member.

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The benefits of being a member
As mentioned above, you will get many special discounts in both beverages and food. Furthermore, you will get a special invitation for special events such as Wine dinners, Discovery dinners, and many more. Since you are a member, then you get join those events because the events are only for members. In addition, there are many benefits you can get, then let’s join.