Smart Space Saver Bathroom

Sep 6th

Space saver bathroom should be implemented for smaller houses. The main reason is obviously for minimizing land usage just for bathroom only. When there is not too much allocated space for bathroom, it is necessary to find a way to save space for gaining maximum comfort despite of the size. There are actually some basic concepts that people can apply for their houses if they are facing such problem. The first solution is to make combine some functions at once.

Space Saver Bathroom Ideas

The idea to save space is to join one another to create a single item only. One common example is combining toilet with cabinet. Typically a toilet only has 1 meter height, and it can be extended to 2-2.5 meter just for storage system. It really appears weird for people who never see something like that before. However, it is definitely a great way to save space.

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Simple Bathroom Idea

In addition to combined items, installing corner furniture is also smart move. There are some items suitable for corner; bathroom vanity, shower area, and storage system. All of that equipment is really great for making room even more spacious, and there is no need to modify initial size of the bathroom.