Slate Bathroom for Modern Look

Jun 19th

Slate bathroom is actually quite cool solution for those who do not want to have standard bathroom. Typically a bathroom is separated by brick wall in which it is covered with paint, vinyl, or wood. Those coverings are quite common, and changing it into stone or slate is definitely a great choice to avoid mainstream design. Some people are trying to be different, and it is one way to achieve that.

Slate Bathroom Basics

There are some basic elements within bathroom with slates. It is slate size and composition. The slate size is really essential because it will create complexity within the bathroom. The wider the slate, the simpler is the design. It is also applicable vice versa, and the judgment can be based on how many items within the bathroom. The more item, it is better to take wider slates. It is necessary to avoid too much complexity within the bathroom.

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Important Aspect in the Idea

We should know that slates give dark impression since they are basically rocks. In order to create nice room to do some activates, proper lighting is essential. Ambient light is actually not enough because it only gives plain lighting. It should be supported with accent lighting from the floor in each corner or somewhere essential to enhance the atmosphere.

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