Shabby Chic Bathroom as Women Bathroom

Oct 19th

Shabby chic bathroom is very suitable to apply in a single women bathroom. The concept of shabby chic itself reflects the sweet sides of women. The use of colors that fills the bathroom blends together with the design in classic and elegant look. This concept is highly recommended to those who want to remodel or built a bathroom.

The Concept of Shabby Chic Bathroom

The concept of shabby chic is taken from the vintage concept that highlights the women side. Most of things that come in shabby chic design use soft colors blend. Hence, if you want to apply such concept, you will have some soft colors, such as white and soft blue. Mostly, people have white in making the bathroom in shabby chic design, so it is suggested to apply white as the domination color of the bathroom.

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The Things that should be in Shabby Chic Style

There are many things that you need to concern with. It is better to concern with the basic things first like you need to make the flooring, wall and window all in white. Then you may concern on the furniture and any decoration. It is good to make the big until the small thing in vintage. You can find them on the internet as it is easier to do.