Restaining Kitchen Cabinets with Oak Materials

Aug 17th

Restaining kitchen cabinets with oak materials are the routine project for you to make your kitchen cabinets look new again and to make your kitchen cabinets will be long last. The restaining project is one of way to maintain your kitchen cabinets which are made from oak or the others type of wood. You can restaining it by yourself or if you do not have time to do that you might to call the one who is given trust by you to do it well.

Tips For Restaining Kitchen Cabinets

You have to sand the oak cabinets with the fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. While you are doing it, you block the pores which would allow your cabinet to hold stain. You also have to remove the sand which is clogging the pores by wiping with the tack cloth, so it accepts to stain.

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The Things You Will Need

You have provide screwdriver, safety glasses, hot water, rubber gloves, trisodium phosphate, cloth,plastic sheeting, bucket, paint stripper, painter’s tape, putty knife, paintbrush, sandpaper 220 grit, sandpaper medium grit, oil-based wood stain, tack cloth and the last is polyurethane. You must provide these things before you start to restain your oak cabinets.