Modern and Classic Design in Attic Bedroom ideas

Jul 26th

Attic bedroom ideas
are one of interesting bedroom design. Sleeping experience nearby roof top may give certain excited feeling. It feels like we are near to the sky. This room model usually use in many countries in the world. There are many various attic bedroom designs. Many interior designers provide design for this bedroom model. There is modern and classic model. Modern model use modern bedroom concept by using modern furniture and modern interior design. Classic model can be alternative. It is the unique one and classic by defending wood color as one of the element of bedroom. Both of them have their own characteristic.

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Modern attic bedroom ideas
Attic modern model is development from classic model. It uses minimalist concept and modern furniture as bedroom element. Besides, this model use modern design such as wall design, floor design and roof design. This model erases natural woods color and covers it with bright paint color or wallpaper. Ceramic is uses as based floor.

Classic design in attic bedroom ideas
Classic model is one of interesting design in attic ideas. This is a very beginning model since attic ideas have found. Classic atmosphere can be felt by some bedroom elements that are bedroom design and the furniture. Classic design identically signed with the use of classic furniture such as bed, dresser, cupboard, chair and so on. Classic also can be felt by bedroom design that defends natural looks of woods and wood roof top window.

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