Making Kitchen Step Stool

Aug 1st

Kitchen step stool is a necessary thing in a kitchen. This thing helps people to take anything which they can’t reach in higher place. Cabinet which is usually put in the high place, need to be reached with step stool. Having a step stool in your kitchen is kind of a must. It is really useful and advantageous.

How To Make Simple Kitchen Step Stool

First thing you need to build a step stool is plywood. It is better for you to build that with pine wood, because it is very strong wood. Its amount depends on the size of the step stool you want to build. If you want to build one step stool, its pine wood will probably cost $10. Then, you should cut the pine into pieces. For the design, it is up to you. However, to make strong, make sure you have to design the strong and balanced stool. You could pick one of design in the whole internet. Then, if you have cut and designed the stool, you could bore and connect them with screws.

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Strong Woods for Step Stool

There are a lot of kinds of wood you could make for step stool. However, to make it durable and safe, you have to choose strong wood. Mahogany is the strong one. This is a usual material for furniture. Moreover, pine, cherry, and teak are also strong material for step stool.