How to Get Feng Shui Bedroom

Oct 24th

Feng Shui bedroom is very important for your house. As you know, the feng shui is a kind of the perfect composition and position of your room that will make you completely comfortable. Therefore, it will be a good idea to decorate your bedroom based on the perfect feng shui. This term is actually from China, and it is used for how people set their room to be in the perfect atmosphere.

Steps To Get Feng Shui Bedroom

There are many steps that you should do in getting the feng shui in your bedroom. The first thing, you have to pick the right furniture, especially for the bed. The perfect bed is the comfortable and good looking bed, and it is in a good height. The bed should be far from the door, and the bed position also should not near the window. Then, you should make the both sides of the bed equal, and you need to pick the perfect color combination.

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Things To Avoid In Applying Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

There several things that you should not have in your bedroom, such as, TV, aquarium, bookshelf, desk, work activity, family pictures, and plantings. Those things should not be in the bedroom, because it will destroy the comfortable nuance in the bedroom. Furthermore, you should also install the perfect and soft lighting.