How to Decorate Mirrored Accent Table

Aug 5th

Mirrored Accent Table
Commonly used as side table with fancy look and mirrored accent. It does not really have much drawers or spaces because the main function is to place vase or photo frame on the top. This kind of table generally has up to three drawers. Even some models do not have any drawers at all. Some people think that empty space below looks fancier.

Decorating mirrored accent table on your taste
Decorating this kind of table is not hard at all. This table is available in grey or silver with mirrored accent that is where it gets the name. If you think the look is too simple, you can add gold liner on your table. If it is too troublesome, put vase or photo frame on the top. It is highly recommended if you put only one or two flowers.

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How strong mirrored accent it should have
It is the best to only have around sixty to eighty percent. Give at least fifty percent mirrored on your table. Pay attention to not give one hundred percent on your table because it will make it seems like mirror in table shape instead of mirrored accent table. If you want to have one hundred percent mirrored percent, you can put it on the drawers instead of the whole table.