Getting Know about Nautical Bathroom

Jun 3rd

Corner sink bathroom may not as famous as other concepts such as western, faux, and other themes. However, it is actually a very cool and neat idea that you should know and try. The basic element of this idea is color. Blue and white are the main combination of this theme, and it cannot be replaced with other colors since it will also change its name. Both colors represent sea water and sky, and that is also the basic principle of this theme.

Furniture in Nautical Bathroom

Starting from the biggest component in the bathroom, there are some pieces of furniture signifying nautical theme. The first is bathroom vanity which has round handle. It is cute, classic, and meaningful especially for nautical theme. It is the only possible furniture except there is also wall cabinet or shelves which are also commonly found.

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Nautical Accessories

For the accessories, there are quite many of them. Starting from the task mirror, the frame is replaced – from standard oval, round, or square into ship’s wheel design. Therefore, it has characterized spokes in its frame to give the mirror statement. Another example will be from fabrication such as towel, curtain, and screen. Everything represents symbol in navy such as horizontal or vertical alternate lines, anchor image, and others.