Futuristic Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Aug 24th

Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors could be the most essential items in modern houses. It is essential because modern mirror will enhance the appearance of the bathroom, and make it more dramatic. It is actually possible for a modern house to install classic bathroom mirror, yet it will not match to other overall element within the house. It will be very awkward if the items in the bathroom different from the rest of items in the house.

Unique Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Contemporary mirrors, be it for bathroom, bedroom, or living room, should carry unique feature because it is designed for modern houses. Typically the uniqueness comes from its frame. Typical mirror has heavy frame made of wood to keep the mirror in place. However, contemporary mirror has updated such design. There are two possibilities to make the frame unique. The first is by creating very thin frame, thus creating very neat design. It is common to see such design nowadays.

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Bathroom Mirror Updates

The second is by modifying its frame, and creating a brand new shape. Typically the frame is either round or square. Contemporary mirror in bathroom will have different shape depending on the theme. For instance, navy theme will make the mirror frame appear just like ship wheel. The mirror is really open for updates.