Distressed Kitchen Table Is Awesome

May 13th

Distressed kitchen table
Is now available in every single furniture store. Distressed furniture is popular lately. For your information, distressed furniture means painted furniture which has an old look and vintage style. Distressed table in your kitchen is completely attractive and up to date. Although it has an old school style, it is up to date, because distressed is a trending style in the furniture market.

Making your distressed kitchen table
Distressed table is easy to make. Usually this table has a simple or classic shape. It is designed with scrape or painted with crackled varnishes or painting. This table has to be antique and have vintage look. To make a distressed table, it would easier if you just repaint the table. First, you have to pick the base color. Chocolate or white is the most common choice. After the base paint has dried, you have to choose the outside color. Then, you should mix the paint with more water than usual, so it would look an old and vintage table.

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Distressed table materials
As you know, distressed table is commonly made of wood. However, there are other materials which could be distressed table material, such as stone, metal, and plastic. Stone will look very awesome to be distressed table, but it will be expensive. Metal is also a common material of distressed table.