Distressed Kitchen Cabinets With Shabby Chic Kitchen Theme

Mar 12th

Today, Distressed kitchen cabinets
are chosen for kitchen which has shabby chic theme. It is kind of outdated furniture interior looks which makes your kitchen looks classic and elegant. In general, the theme of shabby chic is very popular today. You will meet with blend of pastel colors in the walls, floor, and accessories. Then, you need a neutral aspect that can make harmonious interior, such as white furniture. You can design shabby chic theme in every rooms in your house, even in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

How do you design your shabby chic kitchen with distressed kitchen cabinets?
Besides wood, fabric material is also a major element in the shabby chic style interior design. The motifs and pastel colors fabric that is used for shabby chic interior. You can use white ivory in your kitchen wall, starts from the kitchen cabinets and the dining table. Also, beige or soft brown ceramics are also suitable to create warmth atmosphere in your kitchen.

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What kinds of accessories which are appropriate for shabby chic kitchen?
Generally floral becomes the best motifs in shabby chic nuance. Start of lace curtains in the windows, one of the distinctive characters of country-style rooms, a pot of sweet pink, yellow, cream-colored kitchen canisters, old-fashioned lamp with green lamp shade, and antique telephone that does not only serve as a display, but it still can be used to communicate. Fit kinds of unique trinkets on every side of your kitchen.