Bathroom Pedestal Sink Design Ideas

Aug 12th

Bathroom pedestal sink is one of the systems that used in bathroom. This is actually the same as the washbasin that usually used in the bathroom. The difference between the pedestal sink and the washbasin is the sink that connects to the bowl or washbasin. You can only see the bowl or other shapes of washbasin, but the pedestal sink lets you to see the sink or the connector too. There are many designs that used for this pedestal sink.

Simple White Bathroom Pedestal Sink

This is probably the simplest one. This design is using the white colour as the one and only colour for the pedestal sink. The white colour is a neutral colour, so you can easily put this pedestal sink in all themes of the bathroom. And even though this pedestal sink seems simple, this is one of the most popular designs of the pedestal sink.

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Mineral Stones for Pedestal Sink

The second design is the pedestal sink that made from mineral stones. Of course, the mineral stones were used as the exterior part of the sink, not the inside. By using mineral stones, you don’t need to paint or decorate the pedestal sink anymore. You already got the natural design from mineral stones.