Bathroom Armoire Design Ideas

Aug 2nd

Bathroom armoire is like a closet that usually put in the bathroom. The bathroom that we are currently talking about is the big bathroom or bathroom that pretty spacious. The function of this armoire is just the same as the regular closet: it’s to keep the towels, clothes, and other goods that needed in the bathroom. There are so many design that you can choose for the armoire. Here are some examples of the popular designs for armoire.

Contemporary Bathroom Armoire Design

Most of the closets are made from wood. And wood makes a good combination with contemporary design. The contemporary design lets the armoire using the colour of the original wood that used as the material for the armoire. The contemporary design is also lets the armoire having less decoration. That’ll make the armoire looks tidy and fit with the bathroom atmosphere.

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Modern Design of Armoire

Another popular and suitable design for armoire is the modern design. In modern design, the armoire will be painted using neutral colour such as white, black, or brown colour. There will be less decoration too, just like the contemporary design. But the modern design is usually have a brighten vibe rather than the contemporary one.