About Portable Bathrooms

Sep 4th

Portable bathrooms are perhaps such as little bit unique to be talked about especially for you who are Asian. But this item is not new thing or stuff in Europe, it is kind of stuff which is easy to be met as public facility. Perhaps this facility is known more as portable toilet and it is usually set in some public area like park. Portable toilet has been known since 1950s and the second version of this toilet which was released in 1960s.

Description of Portable Bathrooms

This bathroom or toilet is designed for one or single person, this toilet usually has size which is 90 cm square and 210 cm for height. Perhaps it can be said as another form or design of public toilet which you used to meet. Portable toilet or bathroom is usually supported by deodorizer or smell reducing chemical in the holding tank. This chemical usually will switch from blue to green if it interacts to feces and urine.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Portable Toilet

There are some advantages and disadvantages for using this toilet, one of advantages which are meant absolutely relates to mobility of this toilet. As you know that portable toilet can be moved easily. For disadvantage of portable toilet, this toilet can lead to smell which is bad if toilet is not cleaned clearly.